Roger says, “The last thing I said to him were the words of some old song.” I guess that’s sort of stuck in Don’s head. Don would know that song. Don doesn’t know that Bert dances. But for me, I picked that song and Bert’s death during the moon landing from the beginning of the season to make a statement about the fact that this has been a striving for success on Don Draper’s part in a very new way. He’s working his way up in his own company and repairing his relationship with Peggy, which is where we started in the premiere, with them as far apart as possible. I wanted to add a little coda on the end of this event of selling the company. It’s Don saying to himself, I guess in some weird way, money isn’t everything. 

-Matthew Weiner

Mad Men 7.07: Waterloo - The Best of Pete Campbell

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